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B & B AlpeBraus is waiting you to offer a moment of pure relaxation in the deep silence of Cavalea, a starting point for walks through enchanting landscapes, immersed in the scent of the woods and among the meadows full of flowers. The uncontaminated nature of these areas and the rich fauna will be a pleasant surprise, it is not difficult to meet deers at dawn behind the house. The location on the border with Valsugana offers quick access to many places of interest. Caves, lakes, strongholds of the First World War and the authentic and unknown jewels of medieval and Renaissance paintings in the churches of the Lamonese plateau.



We bought the B & B Alpebraus from the previous owners who, with love and attention, had restored an ancient milk tollbooth. In love with the places and the nature surrounding them, we decided to move here, the opportunity to keep the B & B active was a natural consequence of our choice. The B & B is a small complex consisting of four buildings with a large reservoir, no longer in use today, for the collection of rainwater. In the former hall a double bedroom with bathroom and independent entrance (with the possibility of adding another 2 beds), the breakfast room with the kitchen downstairs are available for our Guests.



In our B & B there is a double bedroom with bathroom and a single room with external personal bathroom, with the possibility, if required, of extra beds. All rooms are in rustic style and they are a comfortable retreat with a view of nature that can offer a romantic moment or just a deserved break from everyday life.


Located in Cavalea, between Lamon and Valsugana, B & B Alpebraus can offer a truly rejuvenating holiday, while offering a wide range of possibilities for the tourist fed up with crowded destinations. The trails that travel through this area of little known nature reserve often offer pleasant surprises, linked to the rich flora and fauna of these unspoilt places. You can have a snack at the mountain lodge or, according to preferences, eat at the restaurant, where there will be an opportunity to taste some of the regional gastronomic features and ancient tastes that are the result of a centuries-old tradition of mountaineers. For those who want to discover the mountain through mountain biking there are numerous paths with different levels of difficulty. If you enjoy mushroom picking you will be able to make your search in the rich woods of the area and have access to another area that you can use to clean and dry your harvest. If you love fishing you can have access to the permissions and information material available to enjoy your passion in the waterways and the ponds that surround these places.

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Overnight + Breakfast, each adult: from 25 to 50€ per day

Overnight + breakfast, Kids up to 10: 10€


Phone: +39 345 4069039     E-mail: sarabigatigre@gmail.com


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